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If you’re ready to take your business further than ever before, take a look at our services down below.

Social Media Management

Here at Initium Marketing, we’re firm believers in the power of social media and we’re confident that the benefits presented to business by social media can leave a long-lasting positive impact – when it’s used correctly!
We work with our clients to ensure that all of their social media needs are covered and taken care of by our team. By posting to your handles, maintaining your pages, engaging with followers, and running pay per click advertising campaigns, we’ll help you build a substantial follower base that can help you grow your business.

Search Engine Services

Whether it be ensuring that your business ranks high on local search engine results, or taking advantage of search engine marketing and digital advertising space, our team is ready to deliver results. Our advanced SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) strategies ensure that your business is easily discoverable on search engines, so that when potential leads search for something that you offer, they arrive at your page first.

Website & App Design/Development

In a world where instant access is becoming evermore important, we’re poised to help ensure that you can provide that instant gratification that your customers are looking for through a seamless website or a customized mobile app. Our team of website developers and app developers are always standing at the ready to help you establish your digital roots on the web. Showcase your business in its best light to ensure that when new leads land on your page or discover your app, they come back looking for more.

Video Production

It’s safe to say that video has become more important than any other form of content – and for good reason! Connecting with users on the web doesn’t have to be difficult – our video production team is standing by to assist you in your content creation process to ensure that you connect to your audience on a deeper level than ever before.

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