Initium Marketing Team

Initium Marketing is a digital marketing agency in San Diego, California that specializes in small business marketing and digital marketing strategy.

Throughout our time in business, we’ve endlessly worked with our small business clients to ensure that they have access to the powerful digital resources that they can use to grow their businesses. And at the very heart of our approach remains the drive to establish a trusting, professional relationship with our clients right off the bat.

Our Directors

Profile of Abdullah Alshawi

Abdullah Alshawi

Abdullah is currently the Director of Digital Marketing at Initium Marketing and each and every day, he leverages his experience as a 7-year veteran in the field to deliver innovative marketing solutions that help his clients expand their reach.

Portrait of Fadi Yousif

Fadi Yousif

Fadi is the Media Production Director of Initium Marketing and he leverages his 8-year career in visual production to help ensure that our clients have access to the type of content that generates more leads and drives conversions.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just a digital marketing agency – in our eyes, we proudly serve as an extension of our clients’ businesses. For us, nothing is more important than getting to know our clients on a deeper level than ever before, so that we can build the right marketing strategy that showcases your business in its best possible light. Through social media marketing, website design and development, app development, and even video production, we proudly become your premiere partner ready to tackle all of your marketing needs.

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